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How This System Works ?

How this system works?

The only one system which gives the possibility to arrange the best available rates, to submit immediate quotation of the required service, to grant immediate availability and to confirm immediately any booking, from 15  and more pax.

1) Through the continually gathering of availability transmitted to the Bookingmeal from its partners (Restaurants,Hotels), gathering which permits hot deal by last minute procedure.

2) Through allotment-agreements, thanks
 the Bookingmeal special booking management, which allow to get considerable discounted rates.

3) Through the lineup of an own availability-calendar, holding the a.m. allotments and Restaurant-infos, integrated from a special statistcs-system. And this for each Restaurant and location in the different destination-areas , availability calendar. 

Since 10 years the Bookingmeal is working with this system with most important restaurants. It is not an easy system. It needs a lot of experience and suitable means.
 All our partners, and they are very numerous, specially big companies, appreciate too much this system, surely because it assure at any time:

a) availability 

b) best rates

c) immediate confirmation

for groups travelers. To transfer our know how and our booking system on the web site and to realize the operative procedures it has required a big effort, but we are sure to have realized an advanced support to the BOOKINGMEAL OFFICE at service of travel agencies and tour operators.

We will, of course, appreciate any suggestion from you in order to satisfy at best your expectations.

The BOOKINGMEAL, is dedicated exclusively to travel agencies and tour operators as well as to group travellers', the only one which can obtain a login ID, password and code, to get access to the operative web site and to benefit of the Bookingmeal-services.